Low Impact Forestry


Coppicing - Coppicing is a very traditional woodland management technique. It involves cutting a tree near to its base to encourage new growth. We undertake both coppicing of new woodlands after 7–10 years and we can bring older established woodland areas under a coppicing regime. This is best achieved on a rotational basis. Rotation creates a healthy woodland of varying age and canopy height. This habitat mosaic effect is best for wildlife and encourages a bio-diverse environment.


Timber Extraction - We can extract timber with our Alpine tractor paired with a 2 ton timber trailer and crane. Using this setup we can get into tight plantations, thinnings etc where bigger forwarders and tractors cant get.




Thinning - An essential job to bring a woodland back into management where land use changes have caused deterioration or monoculture of available habitats. Selecting trees for felling with the aim of reducing competition for light, water and nutrients and opening up the canopy for wildlife benefits and colonisation of ground flora. Woodland thinning also encourages stronger and healthier trees. 


Winching - With our 4.5 ton winch, we can pull timber to a landing where we can then process the trees into the correct measurements etc. The winch also comes in very handy for winching trees over that need pulling away from fence-lines and roads as well as pulling trees from ponds/lakes.




Log Splitting - We provide a mobile log splitting service with our road towable 10 ton splitter.